Meet the Team

"Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up."

Abhinav Kaushal

Ar. Abhinav Kaushal

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra – 2012

With over 4 years of experience he is one of the founding partners of the firm. He has worked with top architectural firms like Fountainhead with Ar. Sushree Mathur specializing in metro stations and also at iaad with Ar. Rachna Agrawal specializing in PVRs and Blu-Os. With his experience, he has an eye for detail and shows his expertise in interiors and educational buildings. He has also worked on bamboo constructions with Auroville Bamboo Centre and prioritizes sustainable buildings.

Abhinav Kaushal

Ar. Siddhartha Gautam

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra – 2012

Founding Partner of the organization. He has worked extensively with Ar. Neeraj Minz renovating numerous waterfalls for the Tourism Department of Jharkhand Govt. He shows his caliber in a wide spectrum. His practical approach to design, makes housing his speciality. Sculpting has been his passion and has worked with renowned metal scrap sculptor Tapan Badesha.

Shrestha Das

Subhadra Patnaik

Subika Shah


Rudhananda Das

Gandharv Marwah

Grishma Rai

Sai Sagar Brahma

Deepak Kr Meher