About Us

"We love to think. We live to create."

  • 2012
    Founded by two young and seasoned BITian – Ar. Abhinav Kaushal and Ar. Siddhartha Gautam.
  • 2015
    Indian's largest Platinum Rated Green Primary School Building designed.
  • 2016
    Eastern India's first Green Station Building Designed.

Novus Arc Design was established on July 05, 2012, as an architectural and interior design studio, specializing in green, sustainable and vernacular architecture. Based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. With a lot of clients across the land of temples, especially in the western and southern parts, we have back offices in Bargarh and Rayagada as well.
The studio is shepherd by 2 young and seasoned architects of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra – Ar. Abhinav Kaushal and Ar. Siddhartha Gautam. The studio comprises of people from varied interest like 5 different fingers of a hand; and the trio proficiently leads the team like a fist. We take work as our passion, studio as our home and employees as our family.
"We love to think. We live to create" – is the motto of our firm. Challenging the orthodox methods and adapting the sustainable process with the application of basic sciences has been the driving force of the studio. We stand out for our practices in exposed brickwork, filler slabs, sustainable architecture and bamboo construction. We ensure sound, sustainable and cost–effective designs throughout a building's lifespan – from birth to rebirth.
We prefer to spend our grey matter on design than our pocket on materials. The studio is absorbed in an architectural gamut in India. From residences to townships, educational institutes to commercial spaces, from recreational buildings to meditation centers, the studio is gradually getting magnified in the Indian market.